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What is holistic massage?

Holistic means ‘whole’, taken from the ancient Greeks. Karma therapies don’t just relieve the symptoms but also establish the root cause (whether it be internal (such as illness or physical injuries) or external (such as stress or environment lifestyle)). Our aim is to work with you to achieve balance for you as a whole. That’s why our therapists have studied extensively not only in massage but in nutrition, anatomy & physiology, and general health.

What should I expect from a treatment?

An initial treatment will include a 20-minute consultation, free of charge and completely confidentially, so we can assess your needs. After discussing your expectations we will leave the room so you can remove the appropriate clothing (gowns and towels are provided). Once you are covered we will re-enter the room and begin the massage. After the massage the therapist will leave the room to allow you to dress in privacy. At no time will we uncover any part of your body not being massaged.

What part of the body will you massage?

We offer back, head, neck, shoulder, torso arm, hand, and leg massage. Once you’ve chosen how long you want the massage to last, we’ll tailor your therapy to your needs.

What happens after the massage?

Once you are dressed we will discuss the massage with you and whether you were happy with it. We will then give you in depth aftercare advice. It is usual (particularly after your first massage) to have some of the following symptoms:

increased thirst
increased urination
disturbed sleep (although for most clients the opposite is true)
aching muscles (this is a reaction to the release of lactic acid in the muscles – by day 3-4 you will feel far more relaxed)

If you continue to have a regular course of treatments these symptoms will lessen, as the toxic build up in the body is cleared.

Can anyone have a massage?

Almost everone can benefit from massage, although there are a few factors which would preclude massage:

If you are running a high temperature
if you are taking certain medications
if you are under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs
people with certain conditions may require medical permission before undergoing a course of treatment

You therapist will advise you as to whether this applies to you.

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage or DTM is exactly as it sounds – we massage deeply into the fibres of the muscles releasing tension and removing toxins. This is a much more intense massage and is suitable for those with sporting injuries*, postural issues, general wear and tear, or just those who prefer a deeper massage. The consultation and aftercare advice is just the same as with holistic massage (* subject to GP’s agreement).

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