Massage treatments benefits

Karma treatments are perfect for those suffering sport injuries, muscular or postural pain, poor circulation, and adverse skin condition.

The physiological benefits of massage

Skeletal System
Massage can help increase joint mobility. It helps to free adhesions, break down scar tissue and decrease inflammation, so helping to restore a joints range of motion. Massage also improves muscle tone and balance, which reduces the physical stress placed on bones and joints.

Muscular System
Massage reduces and relieves muscular tightness and stiffness, so reducing overall muscular pain. It prevents muscles shortening and so increases the flexibility in the muscles. Because of the circulatory benefits, more oxygen and nutrients are brought to the muscles, so reducing muscular fatigue and soreness. Massage also increases the rate at which toxins and waste products are removed from the muscles.

Cardiovascular System
Massage improves circulation by assisting with the flow of blood through the veins and back to the heart. It also causes blood vessels to dilate, so allowing the volume of blood flowing through the vessels to increase so improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to the tissues. Massage also improves the rate of removal of toxins, waste products and carbon dioxide from muscle tissues is improved. Due to the blood vessel dilation, blood pressure is reduced, and the state of relaxation achieved decreases the heart rate.

Lymphatic System
Massage helps to remove tissue swellings by increasing the rate of lymphatic drainage. It also helps to improve the body’s immune response over a period of time.

Skin Condition
Massage improves the blood supply to the skin, so increasing the oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This promotes skin regeneration, which helps the skin retain its elasticity and appears younger. The dilation of the blood vessels caused by the massage helps to improve the skins colour. Massage also promotes an increase in sebum production, so maintaining the skins natural protection and resistance to infection, and also helping to improve the skins suppleness.

The psychological benefits of massage

Massage helps to reduce and to relieve stress, and decrease anxiety levels so promoting physical well-being. It has been suggested that up to 90% of all diseases and conditions can be linked with stress, and that any reduction in mental stress levels improves our physical health.

Because of the increased mental calmness that massage promotes, sleep patterns are improved, and the quality of the sleep is improved. This in turn increases energy levels, particularly when the massage therapy is regular.

The act that the client is touched in an empathic manner helps to satisfy the emotional need for a caring, nurturing touch. Because the largest sense organ is the skin, touch is important to all of us. This is demonstrated by picking up a crying baby, sometimes that is what the child needs, the physical reassurance that they are cared for. This requirement is never lost, and hence the emotional need that is fulfilled during a massage therapy.

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"I went to see Cazzy with my back problems caused by intensive drumming. She was fantastic; knew exactly where to go and what to do, and made me feel so calm in the process. Thinking about making another trip to Sheringham before the summer's out!"

Sam, Norwich (April 2016)

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